Growing up in Atlanta, Ga, my greatest desire was to play professional basketball. I thought once I made it to the pros I would be fulfilled and find the purpose that I so desperately sought after. Sadly, once I made it to the professional level, I still felt just as empty as I did before. So I walked away from the game, literally turning my back on my then way of life. 

Soon after, I began to write poems about the emptiness that I felt and the desire for purpose in life. But not only did I write them, I made them out to Jesus. Once I had written 40 of them, The Lord instructed me to put them in a book. This lead to self-publishing my 1st book in 2019, “Love. Faith. Endurance. Messages To Jesus.” 

I received so much positive feedback from the debut book, that it motivated to launch another in 2020 entitled “Love. Faith. Endurance. Poems In His Presence.” 

My desire is to inspire others to develop or deepen their relationship with Jesus; and I hope to accomplish this through my writing with Love, Faith, and Endurance. 

⁃ Brandon “Breeze” Dawson

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