Love. Faith. Endurance. Poems In His Presence

In order to say that you truly know someone, you have to spend time with them. This goes for all of our relationships, including our relationship with God. In life, no matter where we go or what we achieve, we can never be fully satisfied without God. Knowing Him and having a relationship with Him is what completes us. We all have areas of brokenness or pieces of us that are missing in our lives, and the only place to find those pieces are in His presence. In his book, “Love. Faith. Endurance. Poems In His Presence”, Brandon Dawson shares some of the messages that he’s written to The Lord about things that we all feel and problems that are plaguing our society today. This book is designed to help you hunger for more of God’s presence and build an authentic relationship with Him. (Available December 1, 2020)



Love. Faith. Endurance. Messages To Jesus

Have you ever just wanted to tell Jesus what’s really going on in your life? Or just tell Him how you really feel about your current circumstances? In his book, “Love. Faith. Endurance. Messages to Jesus,” Brandon Dawson shares some of his personal letters he wrote to Jesus about the feelings that we all feel; such as God being far away and struggling with finding purpose. This 40-day devotional series is designed to help you realize that God wants to fellowship with you just as much as you want to fellowship with Him.


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