Health Is Wealth (Episode 4)

      Had a chance to sit down with fitness professionals Jamaal Shields and Shantel Scarville who are making a mark in Atlanta in the fitness industry. We spoke about fitness, the direction of the industry, and racial injustices. A fun and informative conversation that you don’t want to miss!

Winning Isn’t Easy (Episode 3)

  On this episode, Brandon Dawson sits down with former NCAA Division 1 basketball coach and speaker, Lewis Preston, and talks about leadership, signs of a good team, and what it means to endure (and of course they chat about basketball too). Coach Preston brings a lot of wisdom to this episode along with adviceContinue reading “Winning Isn’t Easy (Episode 3)”

A Cup of Tea (Pilot)

On this episode we sat down with Tia Hutchinson (founder of Talk. Tea. Testimonies.) and explored how God is using her testimony and the testimonies of others to inspire women everywhere. You can find her on Instagram @acupoftia and @talkteatestimonies and Twitter @acupoftia. Also visit her site to join her community and get informedContinue reading “A Cup of Tea (Pilot)”